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Westchester County Estate Attorney Albert Gurevich

My name is Albert Gurevich and I am an attorney who can help you with estate planning, estate litigation and estate probate in Westchester County, New York. With my years of experience helping estate clients, I can help you with your estate legal issue, no matter how tough you think it may be.

I have developed this website to answer some of the legal questions related to estate planning, probate and estate litigation in Westchester County, New York, just enter your search terms to see if this site has the answer to your questions. If not, call me any time at (914) 293-2043 to schedule your consultation and to see how I can assist you with your estate law needs.

I am dedicated to assisting people with their estate related needs and offer the following services in Westchester County:

ESTATE LITIGATION – Estate litigation in Westchester County can take many forms and can required the assistance of a skilled and experienced Westchester estate attorney. Whether you are the executor, a beneficiary or otherwise, I will do my absolute best to help you win your Westchester County estate case. Some examples of the types of estate litigation cases where I can excel on your behalf include:

Contesting a Will or Defending a Will – I can represent a beneficiary claiming that a will should be overturned or partially overturned for reasons such as undue influence, lack of mental capacity or improper executions. I can also represent executors in defending against challenges to a will.

Executor Removal Proceedings – If the executor to a will where you are the beneficiary should be removed for some reason, such as if they are mismanaging the estate, refusing to disperse property, improperly protecting estate assets or not being transparent with the beneficiaries in any way, call me to discus your legal options.

Allegations of Stealing from an Estate – if there are allegations that the decedent’s property is being removed from an estate, I can conduct an investigation and trace the property and prove in court that the property should belong to an estate, or I can defend against such allegations.

• Disputes Over Estate Property – If there is a dispute between the beneficiary and the executor over what is to be done with estate property, such as a house or valuables, it is possible that attorney intervention is needed.

ESTATE PROBATE – If you have recently become executor of a will, there are a lot of responsibilities that you have to make sure that the debts of the estate are paid and that the estate is distributed according to the wishes of the testator. I can assist you with tricky probate situations, such as when there are complicated property disbursements or when the testator had many bills that need to be paid by the remaining estate. Always remember that the executor is in no way legally required to use the same attorney who drafted the will to assist with later probate matters

ESTATE PLANNING – Estate planning goes far beyond writing a simple will, though a will is an essential part of any estate plan. I can also assist in trust planning, power of attorneys and health care proxies. Each situation is different when it comes to estate planning and I can help you develop a plan that meets your needs based on your property and specific situation. Always remember that the best way to avoid a legal battle after you die is to make sure that you have a well thought out estate plan.

This is not a comprehensive list of services I provide, there are many legal issues that arise when it comes to estates that cannot be put into a simple list. Regardless of what your estate needs are call The Law Offices of Albert Gurevich today at (914) 293-2043 to schedule your consultation with a Westchester County, New York estate attorney.